Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Peaceful even if they kill a 100 a day

My friends repeat the question at several occasions: until when?
The number of the victims of the Syrian regime is knocking at the door of 1500. The list of victims is well diversified: children, women, old, youth, adults, and those who refused to shoot them. They are making long list of victims pointing the fingers to the shameless Syrian regime. They are unveiling the true nature of the Syrian regime and raise a waging finger in the face of the complicity of the silence of the international community.
My friends are in hurry. But our heroes in the street of Damascus understand perfectly what they are doing and their aim. They are building a new society. They believe that the tools and the goals, the target and the road, both had to be at the same level of morality. They refuse to kill and prefer to be killed. This is the high road they have chosen.
The answer is sample for those who like leaner thinking. What would be the number of victims without the peaceful choice? What would be the number on both sides? Is not both side innocent Syrians!
Our choice was to be peaceful struggle against the criminal machine of the Syrian regime. It is not based on the feeling of weakness. It is a conscious and ethical choice. Because we believe that the blood on both sides is a human blood. We believe that the new society we are looking forward to build should be on the bases of human power not on the power of oppression.

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